Despite my best efforts, life has gotten in the way!

Starting this blog back in November last year, I had hoped I’d be able to post weekly about all the cool stuff I learnt with Azure and its associated products. But then life happened. Not to be deterred, I’m recommitting to my original goals and objectives.

This week I signed up at after a personal recommendation. A good friend of mine used them to brush on their Linux skills and build their own skills and exposure on the AWS platform.  Despite their name, offer training on AWS, DevOps and also the Azure platform. Given my friends personal recommendation, I thought I’d give them a go to help me get up to speed.

I’ve kicked off with a 1 year sub which should give me time I need to get the most out of their service. I found them to be quite reasonably priced with a 1 year subscription for $228 USD (£186 GBP).

I’ve started with the Azure Essentials course which so far feels well put together. I am only at the very beginning though so I’ll report back as I progress through.

Things I like;

  • Website is well put together, clean and easy to navigate
  • Feels like good value for money so far
  • Covers a broad range of important and relevant technologies

Things that could be improved;

  • My British ears are having some difficulty with American accents!
  • Would like a larger video player window (not just full screen/small window options).