As I start the process of learning Azure, I’ve subscribed to Chris Pieschmann’s Build Azure blog/website. Chris seems like a guy who knows quite a bit about Azure – who better to learn from right?

Earlier this year, Chris linked to an eBook available from the Microsoft Virtual Academy. The ‘Fundamentals of Azure (Second Edition)’ is written by Michael Collier and Robin Shahan,

It’s been probably 20+ years since I did my last book review back in grade school, so I’ll leave a formal review to more accomplished readers/writers. That said having now read each and every page I highly recommend picking up a copy for those people new to Azure. At a guess, I’d say this is also a good digest to those familiar with Azure, but looking to brush up on the headline new features – Azure AD for instance.

The book doesn’t go into significant detail, but it’s given me a great understanding of the key features of Azure. The exercises were easy to follow and the book itself is written simply and in plain English.

Make sure you pick up the latest edition (the 2nd edition) of the eBook. As you can see from the recent Microsoft Ignite conference held in Atlanta last week, change in the Azure world comes thick and fast! You can download the book from here – Microsoft Virtual Academy.